How Much Is Police Academy In Michigan - (2023)

Informational Meeting Dates And Times :

Police Searching For Parents Of 15-Year-Old Michigan School Shooting Suspect

  • Thursday, February 24 9:30 a.m.
  • Thursday, March 10 11:30 a.m.
  • Thursday, March 17 2:00 p.m.

Meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. Once we have a completed list, we will send you an appointment to your GRCC email to attend the meeting.

To attend, please fill out the registration form.

We hope you are able to attend and learn more about our Police Academy.

Education Requirements For Police Officers

Aspiring police officers have the possibility to choose whether to start their career right after high school, provided the agency they want to work for allows it, or to proceed with their education and get a degree prior to joining the law enforcement forces. The education requirements for becoming a police officer vary by state and by department generally, agencies require a high school diploma or an equivalent for entry-level positions but as of lately, most departments include in their requirements an associates or bachelors degree. In addition to that, if you have the desire to grow in your career and move to a federal law enforcement agency at some point, it is better to first invest some time in education and then apply for a law enforcement position.

Police officers who want to work in more specialized divisions or are looking forward to advancing in their career, should be able to offer at least a bachelors degree in a law enforcement-related discipline and possibly a masters degree. The level of education also can affect the salary an officer receives. The good news is that you can start your career as a police officer and then proceed with getting a degree either as a part-time student or online.

Regardless of the approach you are going to choose, here is roughly how much time you need to get a law enforcement degree that can help you with your career:

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How To Apply To Be A Police Service Aide:


1. Be a citizen of the United States and 2. Be at least 18 years old and 3. Have a high school diploma or a valid equivalency certificate and 4. Possess and maintain a current valid drivers license with a clean driving record and 5. Possess an MCOLES Physical Agility or a United States Army or Marines physical fitness test certificate by date of hire, illustrating successful completion, dated within the preceding 12 months of the closing date of this announcement and 6. Possess normal hearing, and normal visual functions and acuity.

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Police Academy Admissions Requirements

Students who do not have an associates degree or higher from an accredited college or university must complete the designated general education courses before being able to take any of the Police Academy courses. Exceptions or waiver of these requirements are considered by the Police Academy Director and/or the Criminal Justice Department Head.

Admissions for this program includes a full criminal background check. Students must provide a social security number in order for this process to be completed.

Police Officer Salaries In The Us

How Much Is Police Academy In Michigan - (1)
(Video) Know Your Rights When Dealing With The Police

Average police salaries vary on a state-by-state basis. Below, weve tabulated all fifty states and, as of 2021, what an average police officer earns in the state.


There is much preparation to do. Its not enough to do well. There are limited spaces within the police academy, and you need to ensure you make it on top.

Thats where our online police platform comes in.

Weve put together the most comprehensive range of learning tools to help you pass the 2022 police officer exam.

Take a few minutes to learn whats included and how we can guarantee that you will pass the exam. Then, you can go on to become a law enforcement officer and enjoy the competitive police officer salaries and benefits listed above.

Study and Pass the 2022 Police Officer Exam!

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Purpose Of The Summit

Education and learning are key factors in developing a professional police service and ensuring that officers have the right skills and competencies to deal with operational and community needs. Enhancing police knowledge and approaches is a priority under Public Safety Canadas Economics of Policing initiatives and CPKN plays a leading role in the advancement of technology-enhanced learning models in the Canadian police community.

The Summit brought together police leaders, training experts, frontline officers, academics, and industry representatives to explore and identify learning needs and priorities for Canadian police. Together, we looked at what and how police officers learn and if current approaches are conducive to todays social, operational and technical environments.

The objectives of this two-day Summit were:

  • To understand learning needs and opportunities for Canadian police services
  • To learn about technology-enhanced training and other innovative learning solutions from industry experts, including academia and private and public sector trainer specialists and
  • To prioritize current and future training needs for the Canadian police sector.

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We Strongly Encourage All Lapd Candidates To Take Advantage Of This Free Program

  • Get a head start on getting in the best shape of your life.
  • Get accustomed to the training style youll encounter at the Academy
  • Get information on what to expect at the Academy
  • Get to know the LAPD officers who conduct the program and who will provide information, support, and encouragement.
  • Network with other candidates who will have helpful information and who will provide the support and encouragement to achieve things you may not have considered possible.

Effective 11/8/21, Police Officer Candidates attending indoor in-person tests will need to provide proof of Vaccination.

Types of Acceptable Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination

  • CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card front and back
  • California Department of Public Health Digital Vaccination Record

People who were vaccinated in California can get a free digital COVID-19 Vaccination Record at

Vaccination Mandate within City facilities. Patrons entering a City facility must show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72 hours.

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How Are Candidates Selected To Attend A Police Academy

Full-time Police Academy

  • Full-time law enforcement officers officers Medical Deferments, and part-time police officers hired by municipal police departments that do not employ any full-time police officers.
  • Sponsored candidates. Only after all employed officers on the waiting list are admitted can we secure seats for sponsored candidates.

Seating is based on a first come first basis after a completed application has been submitted. All applicants must pass the MPTC Pre-Entrance Assessment at dates and times to be determined. Waitlisted applicants will be used to back fill potential openings.

(Video) Pueblo Police Department holds annual fitness test for academy

The Need For Police Academy Training

School shooting in Michigan: 15-year-old sophomore kills 3, wounds 6, police say

Police academy training is a necessary step in preparing police officers to deal with the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the job. Police officers dont just arrest criminals, they are also entrusted with upholding the law which is why they must be able to understand, interpret, and enforce state and local laws in their area. For these reasons, and many more, the police academy is an important step in the process of becoming a police officer.

The perception of police officers has been controversial recently, but more importantly, a new challenge is arising. Recruiting and retaining police officers has grown to be a big challenge among law enforcement. Why? Read the answer here.

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How To Apply To Be A Police Officer:

  • Be a Certified Michigan Police Officer OR
  • Be currently enrolled in an MCOLES approved training academy and certifiable by date of hire OR
  • Certifiable as a Police Officer in the State of Michigan, subject to verification or re-verification by a Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards approved training academy.
  • Fill out the Police Officer Job application for the City of Livonia
  • You must create an account to complete the application.

Michigan State Police Training Academy

Michigan State Police Training Academy is part of the Michigan State Police, located in Lansing. The Michigan State Police has been serving the state since 1917 with a mission to provide the best law enforcement and public safety services throughout Michigan.

Most importantly, the state police offer a 26 weeks training program to recruit people who are interested in becoming police troopers. The police troopers are required to complete a residential training program where theyll receive 1,200 hours of hands-on training in firearms, first aid, defense tactics, criminal law, patrol techniques, and lots more.

After successful completion of the training, troopers are eligible to apply for specialty assignments including bomb squad, forensic, detective, fugitive team, computer crime, narcotics team, etc.

Police recruits at Michigan State Police are expected to stay in school during their training period, they only leave on Friday evenings to return on Sunday afternoon.

Troopers dont pay tuition fees, they receive a salary of approximately $50,000 per year and other benefits. Check out their hiring process if youre interested in attending this police academy.

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Faculty Who Are Law Enforcement Experts

The vast majority of the instruction comes from local law-enforcement officers with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. The academy is rigorous but your instructors and support staff will be there to support you from the time you enter to the time you graduate. This kind of intimate support is what GVSU is known for and it applies to the Academy as well.

Michigan Corrections Officer Training Council Certification:

How Much Is Police Academy In Michigan - (2)

Students enrolled in the associates degree in corrections, will also take the five courses necessary for this certification.

Canadian students may substitute CJ202 Canadian Criminal Law and CJ406 Advanced Canadian Jurisprudence for CJ319 Substantive Criminal Law and CJ409 Procedural Law. PS160 Introduction to Canadian Government may be substituted for PS110 Introduction to U.S. Government.

(Video) Acting Pueblo Police Chief addresses investigation into department policy violations

Entrance Requirements:

To qualify for admission as freshmen, applicants must meet the minimum criteria of Lake Superior State University. Criminalistics and fire science students must have completed two units of algebra and at least one laboratory course, preferably chemistry, in high school. Code of Conduct: Majors in criminal justice will be required to sign a code of conduct. The code specifies certain behavior on the part of students and also states that violation of criminal laws and/or University regulations may end in the separation of the student from the criminal justice program.

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How Long Is The Police Academy In Michigan

Normally, police academies in Michigan require a minimum of 594 hours for training students, which is the states basic training curriculum.

Some colleges and police schools in Michigan take 17-26 hours for basic police training. The length of the police training program depends on the police academy you registered at. Most times it could last up to 6 months.

Police graduates are expected to pass a licensing exam set by the state. An advanced police school program lasts for 2-4 years if you want to get an associate degree.

How To Become A Police Officer In Michigan

Working as a cop or a sheriff in Michigan is a rewarding career. In addition to the state police and sheriffs departments, there are many local police departments always looking to hire the best people for patrol jobs. According to the most recent statistics, there are 16,720 patrol officers and deputies working in the state.1

To become a Michigan police officer or deputy, candidates must meet the requirements set by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards . Different departments within the state may set additional standards above these minimums that candidates must meet to become an officer. Continue reading to learn more about state and select local requirements for prospective cops in Michigan.

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Law Enforcement Training Academies & Programs

MCOLES Law Enforcement Basic Training Academies Last update: 2/05/2020

1961 Delta Road, Room F043University Center, MI 48710

Lane Thomas Bldg., Room 205450 North Avenue

4800 West 4 Mile RoadGrayling, MI 49738

Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783906-635-2384
Law Enforcement Regional Training AcademyLt. David Livingston, Training Director
Police Academy & Public Service TrainingJoyce Nelson VanMeter, Director4800 E. Huron River DriveAnn Arbor, MI 48105-4800

Technical Standards For Admission Progression And Graduation

Oxford village police chief reflects on deadly high school shooting

The goal of the Health and Public Services Division is to prepare every student to think critically and practice competently and compassionately in rapidly changing environments. All efforts are designed to build knowledge, enhance practical skills, and promote patient and the populations safety. Furthermore, the program is designed to foster professional integrity and ultimately improve the health outcomes and protection of patients, families, and communities across the continuum of care and practice. Students must possess certain functional abilities, essential for the delivery of safe, effective clinical care and protection of the public during clinical and internship training activities in the field. Therefore, the faculty has determined that certain technical standards are required for admission to, progression in, and graduation from the Health and Public Services programs.

In addition to classroom learning, clinical and internship learning occurs throughout the HPS programs and involves considerations that are not present in classroom accommodations. Applicants or students interested in HPS programs who seek accommodations prior to or immediately after enrolling in the college are highly encouraged to also request an assessment of the types of reasonable accommodations needed for the clinical and or internship components of the program.

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(Video) Get to know Topeka Police Chief Bryan Wheeles

Theme : Competencies In Police Training

Mapping Learning to Police Competencies

Presenters demonstrated how police training can be mapped to police competencies.

Competencies in PolicingCal Corley, Assistant Commissioner / Director General, Canadian Police College, on behalf of Geoff Gruson

Assistant Commissioner Cal Corley provided an overview of the Police Sector Councils National Qualifications Framework. The Framework outlines the training required to meet standardized competencies of police officers from the Constable level through to Chiefs. Assistant Commissioner Corley noted a number of benefits with using the competencies. This framework clarifies the demands on learning providers by identifying: national benchmarks for police training efficient succession planning and leadership development and national training standards set by educational institutions. The goal of the National Qualifications Framework is to ensure training and skill requirements are consistent across all police services. Assistant Commissioner Corley noted that human resource planning in police services needs to be modernized through embracing the use of standardized competencies.

Police Recruit Training Curriculum MappingSteve Schnitzer and Nora Houlahan, Justice Institute of British Columbia
  • Map training to the constable competency profile
  • Develop a searchable curriculum database and
  • Map training so that it can be assessed.
  • Mapping to Competencies: York Regional Police Tony Cummins, Sergeant, York Regional Police.

    Are You A Military Police Veteran

    If so, Grand Valley offers an 8-week police academy for military police veterans like you.

    The expectations and structure of the GVSU Police Academy are amongst the best in the state. Expect to be challenged, but succeed in the challenge and reap the rewards of being a Grand Valley State Police Academy graduate.

    – Chad Coulson, Recruit Commander, Class of 2016

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    What Are The Duties Of A Michigan State Trooper

    Troopers attend Trooper Recruit School and do not pay for their training or equipment. Upon graduation from recruit school, troopers are assigned to a Post. It is the primary responsibility of troopers to deter criminal activity, arrest those that break the law, investigate crimes, and improve traffic safety.

    How Much Does A State Trooper Make In Michigan

    How Much Is Police Academy In Michigan - (3)

    Starting salary for a Trooper 10 position is approximately $50,000, not including overtime and shift premium. After 20 years of service, a troopers base salary increases to $73,000. After six years of service, troopers receive longevity pay a lump sum provided once a year based on time-in-service.

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    How Long Does It Take To Become A Police Officer In Australia

    How long it takes to become a police officer Down Under depends on is one applies to the Australia Federal Police or the states police force. In Tasmania, training takes 28 weeks. For the Northern Territory Police Force, it takes 30 weeks. In some states its possible to do an associates degree in Policing, which will extend the time it takes before being in uniform, but its not requisite.

    Eligibility Requirements For Detroit Police Officers

    Must be at least 18 years of age Possess a valid Drivers License High School Diploma or GED from an accredited institution U.S. Citizenship No Felony Convictions

    DIVERSITY STATEMENT: The City of Detroit Police Department is committed to maintaining a police force that reflects the diversity of the community. The City of Detroit is constantly striving to provide the highest level of public service by men and women from all backgrounds and cultures to maintain a police department that is responsive to the needs of the total community.

    EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER: The City of Detroit is an Equal Opportunity Employer. No applicant for employment shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, disability or other criteria prohibited by city, state or federal law.

    (Video) Pueblo Police Department create TikToks to spark interest for potential applicants

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    Wisconsin Trooper Or Highway Patrol Requirements

    The Wisconsin State Patrol was founded as the Wisconsin Trooper and State Patrol in 1939, and has since reorganized to provide better services for residents. There are many career paths available to Wisconsin state troopers including field operations, transportation safety, and support services. Candidates for trooper positions must meet state requirements and:

    • Have authorization to work in the United States, such as citizenship or an I-9
    • Meet the patrols hearing ability requirements with no more than a 20 decibel hearing loss
    • Have uncorrected vision of 20/100 in each eye correctable to 20/20

    Successful recruits will undergo 25 weeks of paid training at the State Patrol Academy. The starting salary for state troopers is $21 per hour.3


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